Anne-Marie Kelley Recovery Village

In death as in life it was Anne-Marie Kelley’s mission to bring people together to help those less fortunate, those who for whatever reason have found themselves living a life that is unmanageable. She was a driving force in our mission at Cope International “Council on Opioid Prevention and Education”.

Cope International was established with the expectation for rapid expansion within the industry of community activism. The Founder of Cope International, Terry Tbone Rhodes, has made it his life-passion to end and prevent more homelessness, drug addiction and other symptoms of mental illness.

The mission of the Anne-Marie Kelley Recovery Village is to bring all the great organizations that are working as silos, together to address such issues. Issues that are fundamentally unfair, unnecessary and easily fixable in a nation as rich as ours.

The 40-bed facility, Anne-Marie Kelley Recovery Village is located 1360 Whitfield Avenue, Sarasota, FL. This is a building Anne-Marie Kelley dreamed of turning into a sober living and transitional housing facility. This village includes a one stop resource center on the premises staffed with people that can help residents during each stage of their transition to healthy independent living.

I ask you to give, and give generously to keeping her dream alive by your generous donations to help fund the Anne-Marie Kelley Recovery Village so we can restore hope and help those less fortunate get a healthy start in a new recovered life.

Ways to Donate:

Mail Check To

COPE International
353 Suwanee Ave

Sarasota, Fl 34243

For more information please contact Terry T-Bone Rhodes
at 941 536-6761 or Email:

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News and Media

Anne-Marie Kelley, 51, of Bradenton, Florida, died on Aug. 24, 2018.

It is with great sadness, humility and a true honor to be responsible for giving our great friend and warrior Anne-Marie Kelly a proper send off and a continuance of her legacy…

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