COPE -Council on Opioid Prevention and Education is a coalition of organizations that are passionate about prevention and addressing the Opioid abuse and overdose epidemic that has become a crisis.

Manatee County ranks #1 for Heroin/Opioid Overdoses in Florida. Sarasota County is largely affected as residents of Sarasota go to Manatee County and Overdose. This Epidemic is Killing Our Families and Friends.

What is Our Mission?
Filmmaker/Producer/Director/Musician Terry T-Bone Rhodes, whose Life Passion & Mission is to End this Senselessness and Create More Awareness and More Resources and especially, Prevention. 
Reaching out to our Youth with Prevention Education to show them what can happen and to help kids make the decision early on to Never try a drug in the first place by showing them what the End result is.

By Increasing Public Awareness and showing those who may think this only happens to “Other People” and would never affect them or their family.

We just filmed a Public Service Announcement (PSA) titled “I Didn’t Know” with Sarasota Based FilmFlo Productions to show the reality of this epidemic. 

Please Watch This Powerful Video on our Page and Share…You May Save Someone’s Life.

Please Join Forces with our new program COPE – Council on Opioid Prevention and Education as we Wage War On This Epidemic.

We are getting thousands of people in our community on board in helping through PSAs, Film and Community Outreach. We need to create Mass Awareness. Everyone’s talking about it but there needs to be more doing something about it.

Meet Our Staff

Terry T-Bone Rhodes


Terry Tbone Rhodes Filmmaker, producer, musician and founder of COPE International has a long history of community activism in the Sarasota area having worked with the Economic Development Corporation and the Chamber of Commerce as Chairman of the Filmtown Initiative. As founder and President of Every Child's Voice, an arts based after school program in the Newtown area, designed to provide a safe haven and a hot meal for kids who would normally be home alone or on the street hungry. Mr. Rhodes also served as Campaign Manager for Henry Lawrence's 16th Congressional district run. COPE is his current passion and he truly plans to make a difference in the opioid epidemic that is plaguing our nation by creating a coalition of like-minded people, working hand-in- hand to pave a path for a working solution.

Anne-Marie Kelley

Co-Founder (Passed Away)

In death as in life, it was Anne-Marie Kelley’s mission to bring people together to help those less fortunate, those who for whatever reason have found themselves living a life that is unmanageable. She was a driving force in our mission at Cope International “Council on Opioid Prevention and Education”.

Jamal Badra (JB)


Founder/CEO of Filmflo Productions Inc., and IT Expert, I came on board with COPE to help with not only the website development but also to help produce the videos and PSAs to shed light on this epidemic, educate those who may not understand and encourage people and organizations to come together to fight this battle.